Mediterranean Devolopment

new frontiers of Italian entrepreneurship

The Consortium limited company Med S.C.p.A.
was created by Engineer, Salvatore Salute, to merge into a single corporate entity the know-how together with significant and multi-generational years of experience of Italian businessmen from various fields.

In March 2010, eleven Italian entrepreneurs formed Med S.C.p.A. to assist countries in Europe and the Mediterranean Gulf.

MED S.C.p.A. is mainly a holding company and promotes the development of projects, including industrial projects in various fields by several controlled and/or participating corporate companies, and supporting their clients when required in terms of financial research.

Therefore, the vast area of operations ranges from alternative energy to the collection and processing of waste, construction and special building works and consistent supply of materials, with particular attention to the innovative ones.

Architecture studies

MED S.C.p.A. takes great care in the eco-sustainability of buildings, the environment, alternative energy from renewable sources, treatment and reuse of wastewater and particularly, in the recovery of historic building stock and building development in keeping with the environmental landscape.

Another strong point of MED S.C.p.A. is its highly capable and authoritative team of technicians, workers and professionals who support MED S.C.p.A. in various areas of intervention.

Currently, MED S.C.p.A. is considering its presence in Libya where it has created the joint venture Med Al Rai Libya with a very important local partner.


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