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100 years of experience. 100 years of Know How.

MESCPA is a company that belongs to the Salute family; a company founded in 1919 and passed from father to son, collecting, year after year, an invaluable know-how and a great experience in the building industry.

A company that, without ever knowing a bankruptcy, passed through different historical eras, adapting itself from time to time to the different and continuously evolving economic and productive contexts, expanding its activities in different directions, always respecting the company’s mission and philosophy: doing things well.

Today, under the leadership of entrepreneur Salvatore Salute, MEDSCPA is migrating its operations to the financial sector, where only solid, tangible and valid projects have any chance to seal the deal.

Tomorrow, the company will pass into the hands of Salvatore’s sons, Luigi, financial engineer and Vincenzo, architect, and will be ready to undertake new directions and confront itself with new business challenges.

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Salvatore Salute


Luigi Salute

Settore Finanziario

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