Consorzio Rublan

The Consortium Rublan comes from a long experienced group of firms working in the building and infrastructure sectors.
The associated companies A.R. Alessandro Rubei Costruzioni s.r.l., R. Erre Consulting s.r.l.., Maccari Scavi s.r.l. and Rublan Costruzioni s.r.l. work in public and private areas also promoting large-scale real estate development projects.

Brief description of activity:

The Consortium has the know-how, technical personnel and specialized equipment to manage the entire production process: design, implementation, supervision, testing of any type of work in the construction and infrastructure field.

Design and Supervision:
– Housing, schools, hospitals, offices and technological estate.
– Complex structures in reinforced concrete, metal and wood; plumbing, heating, electrical systems and data.
– Urban and suburban road infrastructures.
– Hydraulic and geotechnical engineering, and marine works.
– Special structures such as viaducts, tunnels and bridges.
– Furnishings.
– Interior design.

– Residential and commercial buildings.
– Infrastructures.
– Urbanization and external systems.
– Hydraulic works.
– Underground parking.
– Sports structures.
– Street furniture, parks and gardens.
– Hydraulic protection works.

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