(Rome – Italy)

Harmony, optimisation of space and innovative architectural solutions and a surprisingly welcoming luxury even for private residences.
Spaces that are tailored to their use, intelligently used to benefit the people who live there, and the daily activities that take place there.

  • Client
    Anna Venturini Fendi
  • Designer
    Arch. Domenico Straface
  • Architectural Preliminary Design
    ITA – International Technical Assistance S.r.l.

(Bergamo – Italy)

The family-friendly house, which combines innovation and tradition, for a functional result, pleasant, everything to live.

  • Designer:
    Arch. Angelo Luigi Tartaglia

(New Orleans – U.S.A.)

A modern construction, not indifferent to the forms and styles so dear to the architectural tradition of Louisiana.

  • Designer
    Arch. Angelo Luigi Tartaglia