A futuristic structure, studied and designed by the architect Renzo Costa; a very modern tower, with a design that honours the name it bears, and that is a spokesman for Italian style and luxury in the hospitality sector in China.

The layout of the hotel recalls the shape of the Lamborghini logo, and the harmonious union of the most modern materials with soft and sinuous shapes creates an immediate connection with the automotive world of Lamborghini.

Luxury, modernity, high technology materials: these are the sensations with which you are welcomed, starting from the entrance hall.

In the suites the choice of materials is the protagonist, to offer the maximum of luxury and functionality, in a welcoming environment, where it is not difficult to feel at home.

  • Client
    Tonino Lamborghini S.p.a.
  • Designer
    Studio Costa Progettazioni
    Arch. Renzo Costa

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