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Our group is dealing both in cement, bulk or in bags, and clincker to produce cement, over 30 years ago.
Since the beginning of our activity we understood that we had to be specialized in transport of cement, loading, discharging and chartering vessels, offering to our customer logistic service in transportation because, without knowing the contractual maritime law for shipping and the problems arising to the loading and discharging operations, especially with a product as the bulk cement, that is highly risky to sell delivered till destination, and rarely the cement factories are willing to deliver on C&F terms basis .
The cement is a very complicated sector because in many countries there are cement manufacturers and only our knowledge of the market bring ourselves to a successful conclusion the contracts.
Over such a long period of work we can state, to have purchased and handle million tonnes of cement and clincker, working together with a cement factory , shipowner and brokerage companies.

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